I need to know something

I like to know how to know more about this app to get the most enjoyment …
1- how to add a profile pic .
2 - how to know about the diary (because when I sent here a diary the admin sent to me rules and I don’t understand … by the way )
3- I have a problem about undesatnding the challenges …if it safety or not and how it works .
4 - how to get a respective edges in this forum ?!

I really like to be more impressive in this forum and to share with you all friends .

#God bless you


Go to top right corner ,click on your icon
THen click on your name On the top left corner
Then go to preferences ,
Then scroll down to there you can edit your profile pic.


Challenges are safe.you can ask questions about the challenges on the respective thread to the host .he will answer you.



On top right corner you can see, three horizontal lines next to your icon,click on that
Then go to badges
You will see which badges you have got, they have green tick on them.
And other badges and information about them and how to get them after you click on them.


If you need more guidance on how to use this forum call upon the name of discobot using @ before the name, it will guide you.


@drago thx a lot you are a good helper . :wink::+1:

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@NhTbH You are welcome.