I need the support of the roaring lions in this community

Hello friends,

I am a new comer, I would like to ask you all three questions.

How you suffered while you were fapping in the past?

How you overcame your urges?

What all the success in your life after nofap?


Please add me as your companion and guide me


8wkpr7 add me i am adding you too

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Sure brother…

Can anyone reply my questions?

Guys let’s do this. I see many people leaving the community but let us all cooperate and get out of this stupid addiction.


Oooh, I sufferd till I try to do this and take a double effort to feel this high dopamine for my brain my organ was very painfull so much …
Sufferd of unconfidence, not having any real realtionship (I feel trouble about)
Sufferd of not concentrate in tasks only half hour and going to masturbate to feel that a minute
Until I feel the extra tremors in my body until I have completely collapsed and my body is like debris until I sleep .

Taking Breath , let myself remember about forum about my reasons to no fap … water (shower or drinking )
It works :+1:

Oooh here is the best part …
Staying Focus on goals even all this world say that my time is not came or not accept me … I know that
I didn’t focus for human like past because I know that I can do something to myself …
There was periorties now … Much more management …

So I answered you , I will wait yours even after 2 years :+1:
Stay_safety .


Thank you brother for your reply.

Pls guide me

My code 8h7ogy

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