I need someone to talk to me

@Adioz_aka_Adidas, @ASH1267, @ChristianMan, @DarkViolin, @Kuba521, @Lefty101, @nomoreagain, @Rab_J, @Ultramatt24, @wall-e.

Most of you know me, follow me, and messaged me at some point.

I was hoping for a topic to keep my mind clear.

A conversation from some or all of you would be fun.


Hi bros,

Thanks for bringing this up. How about this?

I believe all of us are developing some form of “replacement activities” to fight against urges.

What are some of yours?

I can list out some below and see which one we want to focus our discussion on?

  1. watching clean cartoon/movies
  2. praying/reading religious books
  3. exercising (we may explore further if anyone is interested to go deeper into this)
  4. Having concrete work/study goals daily
  5. interacting with family daily (with patience and love)
  6. Stay in touch with friends, genuinely concern for them and help them where necessary
  7. keeping our room/computer files tidy

Have a great week ahead! :pray:t2::blush:


Hey pal! Good to see you back in the game!! I’d love to chat with you guys!
@Ultramatt24 Some of my replacement activities are:
*Going to the bathroom lol. Usually takes my mind off the urges
*Cold showers if I’m desperate
*Reading(Currently reading Dune)
*Writing, whether it’s here or a mini story
*Take a nap if I’m really tired(when I wake up the urge is usually gone)
*Video editing or recording a video
*Biking or going for long walks
*Text or call a friend
*Playing guitar or ukelele(planning to buy a piano soon)
*Drawing or some calming painting like paint pouring
*Cleaning my room or organizing
*I’ve been making homemade Christmas decorations lately
*Bible study
*Talk to myself and ask questions
*Watch a clean movie
*Hang with my fam or my girlfriend
*Jam out to music that’s way too loud
*Go grab a snack
*Learn a new skill
*Just go outside
That’s about all I can think of rn. You guys should try them out!


I could talk about religion or building a concern for friends those sound good!

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As far as urges go here are some methods that could work.

Water only fasts(you’ll be too busy peeing to worry about anything else if done right.

A creation based skill set like wood curving. Involves alot of patience and study hand. Both skills needed.


Whatever you want to share text here…
I will see & reply you whenever I will be free…
(As currently I have afternoon - night shift)
I am not active that time …

Hi bro,

@ChristianMan Thanks for sharing that long list.

How can you get so much done?

Haha… just curious.

Do share your time management tips too if you can…


@Ultramatt24 Ah lol I see. This is just a list of stuff I could come up with that I do. My time management is garbage. I’m trying to get on a schedule lol.



Lol… I’m just as messed up… coming to year end, let’s make our new year resolutions and turn them to reality…:+1:t2:

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@Ultramatt24 Alright let’s do it. Game time

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Hi bro,

Like your idea of creative work.

Great to know you have some talents in wood crafting…:blush:

I studied a bit of carpentry in my school days, but I’m not suited for it…

Encouraged by my wife, now I’m starting a bit of cooking. It’s immensely satisfying when my family gave me the assurance…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::yum:


Hi bro, hope you’re enjoying the conversation thread so far.

Looking forward to you joining in!

Cheers! :blush:

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Hi Bros,

Hope you’re having a great Christmas and a happy new year ahead! Wishing all of you a successful 2022! :clap:t2::clap:t2::heart_eyes::+1:t2:


Merry Christmas @Ultramatt24

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I am enjoy this thread. Thanks.

Thanks bro, Merry Christmas to you too! :christmas_tree::blush:

Thanks UltraMatt

Hope everyone here had a great Christmas


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