I need someone to help me stay accountable!

Hi friends!

I am new here. I am looking for some fellow female fighters to help me in my struggle. I have decided that enough is enough, but I keep finding myself at square one. Is anybody willing to share their journey? I do not have anyone in my life I am comfortable enough with to be open with about this.

Looking forward to hearing back!


Hello! Welcome to this great community.
First of all, i would like to congratulate you on taking this decision which is the most important step in the nofap journey.
I am a male, i am ready to help you with everthing if it is okay with you. Furthermore, there is a lot of female fighters on this app that can help you and i am sure that they will be very happy to do that.
Finally, i wish you good luck and hopefully we will overcome this addiction and reach the goals we have always dreamed about.

Thank you so much for the reply. I am open to any support in this endeavor. I am really just looking for someone to keep up with on a week to week basis. I’ve noticed that without the accountability to someone else, I am more likely to slip up because I have nobody to report to…for lack of a better phrase. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know why I read it “Freedom Fighters”, lol. :joy:

Now Jokes apart don’t consider this as a journey because I’ve done that mistake. And from my experience and also from some of the lasting people’s experiences, I tell you that this is a ‘Lifestyle’. As you have took this decision now, you’ve to live like this and have to develop a lifestyle. And trust me this will make your struggle a bit easy. Don’t setup milestones, most people do it like they’ll reach certain days of No PMO and then what? What happens when you reach that milestone? This makes us easier to fall out. So my first and foremost advice to you is just consider this your ‘Lifestyle’.

Good Luck and Have a Nice day :+1::v:

*You can also join our Rewire community on Telegram for quick assistance and guidance. Thank You :blush:

You are a girl becoz l am also a girl in comment you mention a female fighter’s :pray::pray:

Hiya! I’m not a fellow female fighter myself, but I wish you the best of success and enjoyment! :sparkles:

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Yes, I am! I’m looking for someone to remain in contact with during my time here.

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