I need someone to chat to daily


Im new here. Im struggling with my PMA. Ive been doing it for ~7 years now and soon Ill be 20. I want this this to stop because it lowers my motivation, I get depressed, cant focus on studies and work it just destroys my life. Recently I was on 30 days streak buy I slipped, and usually I slip once a week. Im too shy and embarassed to tell about my problem to anyone I know. I just need someone to talk to daily and someone who would put me away from this. This is my code: 0f1ca8, I dont know how this app works - are you able to chat or only send messages in this forum I dont care I just need someone who would support me and help me with this situation. Please!


I am ready to be your companion.

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I’ve been doing it for far too long, more than a decade. Today I am on day 11. I can be a companion.

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My code is here:


I’m on Telegram as MichaelB1216
It is pretty much just texting, depending on your time zone I’ll be available virtually all day to chat whenever you’d like.
Edit: That invite extends to anybody else who needs somebody to chat with as well.

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Thanks. Could use a good old chat. :grin:

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