I need someone to be my friend not just a companio

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Location - US

I hope i could find someone to be my companion and friend that walk on the same road and having the same destination at the end, we could encourage each other to get stronger so we wont relapse so, message me if u down for it.

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Hey man i would love to be your friend add me “txk3jy”
If you want to

alright but can u tell me how do i add people, im kinda new here😅

Just press the companion icon on the bottom of your screen and press the blue circle with 3 dots and press on add companion and past my friend code :slight_smile: and done

okay hold on i try to find that

i couldnt found it cuz maybe i use mobile?

I use phone too :sweat_smile:. Wait let me see if i can send a screen shot

oh i gotchu, do i already followed u?

Give me your friend code

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kwnlki this one? …

Hey man my age is 20 plz add me also i joimed today only
My code u5yxz5

We are already friends

Sure man i will add you

d99ed2 sharing code…

sure things bro “kwnlki” thats my friend code

How can you know the sharing code in safari?

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