I need some help 😞

Hey guys
I need help, I watched alot of p*** today this is the first time this happens so intense. I feel awful. My brain is busy with this shit

I watched porn at 15:00, didn’t jerk off, then had urges at midnight, I couldn’t sleep, thoughts in my head :confounded:
I couldn’t sleep, eventually I couldn’t stop my thoughts,I watch p*** and relapsed at 4am.

I couldn’t stop myself, I feel awful
I need your help plz :disappointed:



Whenever You Feel Urge Is Coming Then You Should Do Pull ups And push-ups Continuously .


When you watched porn you itself relapsed at that time. New users find very difficult if you are one of them. The thought of sexual novelty is very hard to remove since it necessary for survival but the present condition of ourselves is detrimental since this brain doesn’t know the difference between porn and real opposite partner. You need some good clarification about the I’ll effects of porn. They are some videos in YouTube and some other books which you might need in this process but all it matters is you.

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First you need to remove and block access to p * on your device. I recommend qustodio for a computer (I use it myself, it’s worth setting a long password and hiding somewhere) There are many blockers in the phone, e.g. blokerX or the bloker hero. Secondly, you need to do something during the day and get tired (e.g. exercise, etc.)


I’ll give you another, somehow different advice to the other ones

  1. Find yourself one or two evenings when you can just sit down and read continuously. Then read EasyPeasy book cover to cover. It might not be easy, since some of the truths you find there might be painful, but that’s just little monster and big monster doing their job. This made me do the first step on this path.
  2. You will experience pangs later, I do know that… Depending on your mind, NOT on your body, they will be stronger or milder. Distract yourself with work, workout, long walks, whichever is accessible to you. And one important thing - every pang behind you is a step further on the path, so instead of beating yourself up and looking how to relieve them… How I see it, these pangs are signs the monsters fighting back. Instead of fighting them, enjoy them! Not like some masochist, but realize that these pangs are dying agony of the PMO monsters inside you.
  3. One thing contrary to all the people here, I discourage you from installing blockers. These are crutches that should help you walk. However, in this case I believe it is reversed… Normally, you use crutches to help yourself walk again, here the crutches make you believe you need them to walk even though you can do it by yourself perfectly well!
  4. Finally, Don’t beat yourself up if you screw up - this makes you feel miserable and up until now, if you are like me, you used to relieve stress and misery with PMO, but it only made matters worse. Don’t do the beating you don’t deserve, try to become your own friend and with time you will see that PMO was just another addiction to be thrown away.

I know I’ve written some things that might seem contrary to the usual wisdom on this forum, but I have 220 days behind me and still counting. So my main message - IT IS POSSIBLE TO BREAK FREE :slight_smile:


Thanks alot guys :pray:
Will give it another try


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