I need help with my journey please

Hi there!

Recently I was chatting with someone as friends but I quickly got a crush on them. We started flirting and this person knows about my no-fap. We wanted to exchange pictures but I didn’t know if that is healthy for the process… Does this kind of interactions and chatting messes up with my brain too? How? What if we share but don’t M?


You need to ask yourself what no fap means to you

Do you want to fall into P. M. O?

What are your values
Your morals

What do you want from nofap?
Semen retention
Redistributing powerful sexual energy?
Spiritual growth?

You have to ask yourself this question
Why am I doing this what are the reasons

Essentially for me I would decline
Because that isn’t who I am and rn things like could cause me to relapse
I don’t want that

But that’s me

Who are you?


If you are in a romatic relationship it is okay to share your photos. However it really depends on the way you look at her/his pictures. Being aroused when looking at these photos is completely normal but keep in mind that you shouldn’t treat them like porn.

It is really up to you. If you feel like this will make you go back into watching porn than you shouldn’t do that. Personally i think you can give it a try. Pursuing a relationship is better than watching porn.


I agree with @JonSnow001 First steps we commit mistake by staring. So be careful

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Why do people now look for physical relationships… I mean if you guys just want to flirt and have a physical relationship it’s definitely not right but if you are in love and if you know that she is in love too and don’t want to use you physically (just for physical satisfaction) then you can go ahead and have a relationship… and then after that… as a boyfriend and girlfriend you can have physical relationship as well… don’t share each other’s photos to fap… if you guys really like each other you can have sex cause according to me sex is not wrong… watching porn and fapping is wrong and when you’ll fap to her pics that is definitely going to affect your mind


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