I need help so bad

I’m addicted to masterbation. Every time i try to stop I can’t and its tearing me apart inside. If I wait more than 3 days it’s like this scratching and clawing inside me that never ceases. I’m supposed to be a role model for so many people but I cant conquer this one killing part of me. And I fear that if I cant I’ll never succeed in what I want to do. Please someone help me.



Its okay bro i had the same thing but understand what is urge
Urge is a tiny lusturous assumption of ur previously sited pmo pic or experience that triggers ur views even more so always when u r on no fap ur mind asks u to watch pmo but not to mastrubate but u get triggered so one thing i suggest is that not try the thing bro.

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Bro.this was also my problem…but believe me…hold this…the urges will pass away…find a reason to stop this shit…my reason to stop pmo is…how much time I do this …this never satisfi me…so better to leave this.i hope u understand


Try doing Anapana… Daily. Search in YouTube for Mini-anapana from SN Goenka. Try doing it everyday, it will definitely help you.

Whatever u do, don’t stop fighting and eventually the day u win will comeE