I need help right now

Guys I need help
I don’t feel comfortable at all
My brian need to watch porn
It’s urges
Day 13

Wtf are you going to do?

I just opened utube it was too close

i will take a cold shower right now it may help right

YEAH! Dont let the urges control you. Do do and do, but dont stop.


Welcome that feeling of discomfort that accompanies positive change. That feeling is the tremors of your battering ram breaking you out of your PMO prison.

You’re becoming more free by the day, and your brain is fighting the change because it sees changes as bad. Your brain is like the most powerful supercomputer in the world on autopilot, but planes on autopilot crash without a human pilot at the helm. Take charge!

You’ve never NEEDED to watch pornography. Remind yourself why you’re on this journey, what life you want to live, then look at the urges and say, If I wanted to, I could listen to you, but look how awesome my life is when you’re gone?! I don’t need you right now, come back later. And when they come back, REPEAT! They’re only suggestions, you don’t need to listen to them.


Don’t give up. Now is NOT the time to give up.

Your brain will ask for its meal. But don’t give your brain that filthy meal.

If you hold up, your brain will adapt.

Am telling you. Don’t fall for it. Its fooling you.

You will get minutes of pleasures from watching porn now, but days of regret and sorrows.


Thanks to all of u guys
I’m better now thanks to u



I loved that analogy, @Forerunner. It as a very apt description of how our psyche, instincts, and learnt behavoural patterns form such a beautiful sophisticated mechanism that keeps us going, but ultimately the responsibility is ours to consciously make choices that serve us.

I am going to remember it and make a note of it to use in future in conversations with others. :slight_smile:


Props to you, @John3737, for having the courage to open up here and seeking help :+1::+1::+1:


Great to hear brother!

Stay strong and transform your life! Day 13 is nothing to you - you’ve smashed that before!

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Sometimes it’s useful to take a step back and consider how our systems work. It’s very hard to remember when there are overpowering urges, but we have the final say at all times. We’re the ones that make that decision.


Thanks for being here guys it was really helpful for me …I don’t want to do it again i’ve been addicted for over 4 years and it stole a lot of opportunities from me
Now i’m fine and feel more relax thanks to u
We can do it guys…together :muscle:


I hear that brother - that’s the spirit! Let’s reclaim our lives!


@John3737 , Great work man. I like what you did there asking assistance during the very crucial time i.e., during urges. and the best part was between you and the urges you win. yay. Never surrender. Ok one of the suggestion i would like to give you is get a personal companion, to whom youll be accountable, to each other, in that way whenever you get urges you can talk to him share thing with each other and vice versa and in no time your urges will be gone, trust me it works as being posting on forum someone might not be online and it might take some time for someone to respond to the post. btw keep going you already won the battle just keep the same consistency and get used to it. here’s my sharing code 488n2z day 163. share yours too.