I need help please help me

I relapsed that is not the topic; but I want to say that was not my fault that was because I was searching for song without vdo on spin browser suddenly that led to a porn site that was not blocked by spin.Oh god I lost my streak on this day without my fault. Well I will try again​:muscle::muscle:


My last relapse was because of a triggering image that appeared on NoFap content

Am I absolved of blame?
No. If I had looked away, I would not have relapsed. But I did.
Am I determined not to give in again?
Absolutely yes.


Dont worry lets pick it up again you know you want to be better we don’t condemn you now go and do something better than fap train your eyes to look at porn differently tell yourself that you’ll not feel loved and important after you are done
Look at articles of drug abuse and depression going around most porn star look at it for what it really is