I Need Help....I am just sick of it

Hello friends,
Although I am not new here, I haven’t posted in this forum until now.The reason being my addiction is literally out of my control lately.I am so much ashamed to see what I have become. A pathetic excuse of a man.

I am 23 years now. Was exposed to porn at young age by some distant relatives.Curiosity got the best of me and I began to dwelve deeper in this habit.Started faping at 13/14 years old continuing till present.

Before pmo I was a very good student.I was disciplined and had good behaviors. When I started pmo I began to grow cold,my behaviors, attitude started changing. I started to change in lots of ways that people started questioning if I was okay.

At present I feel so much wasted. I feel powerless to defeat my addiction. Every time I get some streak I relapse badly again and again.Only in my 20’s I am realizing how much pmo has screwed me.Today I feel like a zombie.I don’t have any confidence, am suffering from depression anxiety and it is just worse because I have introverted personality. I wasted my teen years pmoing and the results of that I am facing now. I don’t know how to describe my situation right now ,I just can’t put it to words. I just want help whether it be advice or suggestion because I am tired of struggling alone, I am tired of failing, living like a zombie. Please help me…

P.S English is not my native language and I don’t how to express myself so please excuse my English.


First of all , we can’t help u , u have to fight the urges and be free , u only can help yourself . when I started this journey 4 months back I couldn’t even cross a single day without PMO , and use to ask ppl for help and guidance , but nothing worked for me . I still remember I used to beat myself , and cry . In October I decided to quit this shit and made 15 days steak …

In that streak :

  1. I did regular exercise
  2. Did meditation
  3. Kept myself busy
  4. Practised yoga
  5. Drank 2-3 litres water everyday

When I broke my 15 days streak , I struggled 2 months to get back and stopped all the above listed things .

Then I decided it’s enough I don’t want this PMO in life
And again started the things I listed above , and abt to complete a week of nofap

How to control urge?
I control urge by doing meditation… It’s just requires little will power to decide to stop an urge and start meditating …

I suggest u to be regular with your schedule and practise things I have listed nice above consistently … u will do great in nofap I trust u.

U can do it :fire:


Thanks for the advice Brother. I really appreciated it.

The thing is I have been trying to stop since 2015. At that time I wasn’t even aware of this idea that pmo was screwing my life. I would go on pmo free for some days but would relapse again and again.I also followed suggestions posted here and nofap forums.I feel motivated for some time then I feel tempted to pmo again.
The thing that scares me is I feel very lonely and depressed. I feel pathetic to see what I have become, that I did this to myself.

Whenever I feel tempted to PMO, I go to this forum and share with the Community my innermost thoughts and feelings. Also, I meditate on the negative effects PMO has had on my life and the lives of others.

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Yes…this forum is really beneficial.I have learned here so much but every time I relapse I feel worthless to come here. I feel like the worst failure to myself.So I would stop coming here only to fall to my addiction overe and over .

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Whenever you feel worthless watch some motivation videos.


Remember…Everytime you PMO, you’re wasting your precious seed. You are losing testosterone. When you lose Testosterone you get depressed. Don’t waste your seed on worthless Pornography.

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