I need help against urges

I am alone tonight, but I already feel urges. What can I do to stop them? Please, I accept any advice. I don’t want to realpse!

Firstly there is need to sit in front and see yourself. Talk to yourself. Consider you are having urge as you are experiencing boredom read that part of easy peasy way book. Wash your face


It might work. Thanks!:+1::+1:

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Can you join my 365 days challenge I will give tips there when anyone need and it would motivate me.Welcome

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I would like, but do I need to get into a group or just keep in touch?

It would help if you join. Contact me there in case of any other advice it would be a competition between us :grinning:

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Deal. I’m in! I want to break the chain, too!

I’ll give you my code

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Yeah join there thanks for motivating me

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This is my code


By the way, accept my friend request

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Cocaine works!

-------------- /s

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You do not recommend drugs and more the kitchen I know that when you are high on cocaine it does not stop, but the kitchen could take one more addition to porn because when you masturbate with cocaine and reach orgasm it is a way to lower the pege and it It feels very good more than being lucid, you release a lot of dopamines and that makes it triple addictive and I tell you from experience

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Don’t do cocaine! Obviously.

If you know that you will be alone you should block your apps. Download an app blocker and block all sources for the night. Then you will not be able to access certain apps.