I need help, after 37 days monk mode i am worry

after 37 days on monk mode yesterday i started to feel some kind of depression, bad feelings and lost, also a suicidal thougts, today i am better but i am worry , is really good all this? or im going to damage my personality or somthing like that?, not sure trought what i am going, i feel down, depress my mind has some kind of headcache i feel weak, whats going on? is my mind rewiring? or just is afecting me all this badly?? it just start to happen couple days ago, just after a day of powerfull lust thoughts. I had a “girlfriend” must i have sex , express my vital force and put end to this? anyone can help me? thx

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You are close to achieve a higher goal.
Pray, it will be ok


Why did you put girlfriend in quotes?

Maybe you are going through the flatline. Is a normal process during the reboot of the brain, is the lowest state you will expirience during the no pmo journey but its not forever and you will get out from it.

Check this video, it will explain more and how to overcome it :metal:t4:
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Thanks bro, all this is coming from sex-romance lack, so must be related with lack of famale energy and the feed that i did from it, and i did all my live must be that. Even in my childhood my mother over protect me, and make me too dependent of her so of famale energys, that in time, take form of emotional dependent of the girls in general,sex and need of romance. I have been easy target for famales.My fear right now is lost my mind balance. Just i feel my mind very weak and plastic, i must take care of it, i will take as rewire, i.hope is so…

You can start meditating, it will help you control your mind and emotions so the dont controll you, see this that you are passing through as a challenge to become the best version of yourself, to know yourself better and se what things you can improve and alsl to see what you already are good at. Expirience New things and learn more. The test is hard but the reward is worh it, stay strong bro!!

Thanks bro i will keep going