I need guidance from any girl who have a sexual history with random men

my age is 26 . and i have problem of curved dick because i had a very bar and long sexual and mastrbate history . my dick is curved downwards . in hard position my dick touch my legs . size is almost 7 inches . i want to know from a girl that if she ever had sex with any guy whose dick is curved downwards. is the curved dick is painfull for girls or they don’t want to sex again with such a guy . ?? . please reply me it’s a very painful situation and question for me i asked from doctors but i didn’t get a good answer . some says girls enjoy curved dick some says it’s pain full for them


I don’t have any experiences in this field personally, but I’m a medical student and I’m studying urology right now (this is my next exam). In our country it’s possible to have a correctional surgery. (I live in Europe.)
(And as far as I know PMO has nothing to do with this problem.)

Hope you’ll get the answer you’re looking for.


sir i just scared from surgery because of failure chances. if surgery fails then may be i will feel more problems … i want to explain that during sex or erection i have no issues and i don’t feel any kind of pain . i had sex with 2 girls. 1st. age 30 + she never says anything about my dick and she loves to sex with me .
2nd . age 23 . she had a problem in her vagina "leucorrhoea " .she complained me that she is feeling pain during sex . . that the reason i was worried . i don’t know she was feeling pain because of my dick or from leucorrhoea

There are a tons of reasons why women can experience pain during an intercourse. Most common things are lack of lubrication and infections (~ leukorrhoea). According to what you wrote it seems to me that the problem was on her side, but I can’t tell you this for 100%, I’m only a stranger from the internet. :sweat_smile:

But there are two scenarios:

  • if it’s because of what I wrote then you can treat it easily: lubrication, hygiene, antiobiotics…
  • if the problem is the anatomy of your penis you still have the option of surgery.

thanks alot sir for your help and time

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