I need certainty

NoFap is too hard to do alone, but I am alone.

I am not giving up.

I am unable to succeed, yet I keep trying.

I have relapsed 6 times in 12 days.

I need help. I literally cannot do this on my own anymore.


Keep trying bro! I’m with you in this battle! Stay strong!

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You are not alone bro. Don’t think like this.

You are doing great. Just keep trying your best without worrying about the results. Focus on effort and you will be happy with yourself.

You have all of us here in this journey. You are not alone.


Keep fighting and keep strong. The best thing you can do is trying. And never give up.
Keep your head up! :muscle:t3::rocket:

We all are fighting this daily. Don’t give up. Keep up the fight.

No matter how small your work is. Each small work you make sums up to the fight you are fighting.

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Some dude once said nothing worth doing is easy. Or something along those lines, i don’t fucking remember. You get the point right? And you think you are not improving, because of the way you see improvement. That is my whole issue with the whole rat race for maintaining a streak. It doesn’t reflect progress entirely. It’s like judging yourself for not being able to hold your breath underwater for ever. Having good breath control takes practice and a lot of time. It is repetition of holding your breath that gets you better at it. So what you are not able to maintain the streak for more than x number of days? Look at it as a whole. The way you are looking at is " I can’t maintain a streak for more than five days and therefore it sucks". But change your perspective. Think like" I only relapsed 6 times last month compared to relapsing everyday like i used to". Regardless, it’s not an easy process. Trial and error for years is what you should be expecting. Not a magic pill to cure an addiction

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