I need answer honestly

Whenever I watch porn do PMO
I ejaculate within one or two minutes
Is this will be same when I will be doing real s**??
Or I have became a patient of ED or PE?

( I never had s** in real life)

It’ll be the same, in my opinion! Stop PMO right now.

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Bro U joined wrong Community :joy:

Well Anyway I believe in Helping anyone.

In whole Sex Experience I had, If I am not too much excited not fucking her Hard
I lasted Longer.

When I was Fucking someone for the first time, I was always too much excited and didn’t last so much

Sometimes It’s like Fucking too much but still not cumming coz of PMO effects not so excitment left in Fucking same body.

Sometimes I even felt Masturbation and Porn gave me too much pleasure, Even more than real thing :grin:

So I hope I could gave you some idea about whole sex game.
But to be honest there is fake pleasure in PMO and which is limiting ur natural pleasures of Life.

Go For Sex not PMO.

Though Semen Retention is whole Different level of Joy and Pleasure itself.


Mujhe laga bhai galat gyan de rhe ho lekin tumne to achhi seekh sikhayi yar.Keep it up​:pray::pray::pray:

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