I need answer guys, about dream

2 days ago, im dreaming about relapsing, and i wake up realising it was a dream, my pants is already wet, so is it normal to have “Masturbation” wet dream ?

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Chill, that’s just a wet dream. It won’t be considered as a relapse. However avoid thinking about Stuff during days.

Its not, normally we dreamed about having sex and i dreamed about self masturbation

Oh, well that would still won’t be considered as a relapss as you weren’t conscious. Were you conscious ? If you were you would have stopped. Don’t reset your counter. Keep moving. All the bsst.

Honestly dude, wet dreams come in a lot of forms and don’t read too much into it. A lot of wierd shit happens and we don’t have much control over what we dream about. In my personal experience with weird wet dreams I honestly just say to myself in the morning “oh, well that was wierd” and then forget about it. The faster you can move past it the better.

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