I need an accountability partner badly. I don't want to fap anymore

I really need an accountability partner. I need someone to keep me in check and hold me really responsible. I really don’t want to fap anymore. :cry:

Sharing code - 2df3gs *

Current streak - 10 days *

Age - 21
Gender - M
Location -

Why I want a companion - *



I’ll add you as companion. I’m new, I’m not sure if you need my sharing code. I’ll add yours.

Sharing code: 3mmmie

Thanks. Just added you as a companion. I’m new here, I still don’t really know how this works. How do I talk to you privately?


Hmm, I have no idea lol

@Taher do new members not get all the features of paid/regular members?

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No they don’t get all the features right away

i can become your accountability partner , my code is mt7ih8

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@justinman @MrPerspective
Get active in the app, comment, post, join a challenge, start a diary and become a regular, start a new life & new habits :pray:



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hi45wx my code add me i am also new
Age 22

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