I need advice from long timers

Hello guys,

I’m 21 years old student. I have PMO addiction since I was 12 years old if remember correctly. Obviously I acknowledged it as a problem and addiction when I was around 17-18 years old and since then I’m trying to quit it - unfortunately unsuccesfully.

I have tried various methods:

  1. Leave laptop at work (Didn’t help because when urges are very strong I start watching it on my phone, which I have to have on me all the time);
  2. Work very hard everyday so I get exhausted and don’t want to do anything (helped for awhile, but then I was very tired of work and stress and sliped at one point);
  3. Seeing a addiction therapist (been visiting her for 2-3 months, I quit it because it was costly and I didn’t find it very effective);
  4. Writing in this forum a diary for 2-3 months (on another account, I can’t remember my credentials, it was 2-3 years ago);
  5. Placing a camera inside my appartment and gave access watching it to my mom (it worked for short amount of time because I realised I need more privacy, not just for PMO, but it is a kind of good solution to go hard-core on this thing);
  6. Talking to online community via Telegram (it helped for awhile, but as always at some point I slipped).

At this point I’m very, VERY scared, not sad, depressed but fkin SCARED, because:

  1. I’m trying to quit for a long time and nothing is getting better;
  2. I’m starting to watch more and more bizzare stuff as the old stuff doesn’t please my anymore. This is the scarest part. I mean after watching that stuff, the next hour or day I feel like a piece of trash. This part is getting worse with every year - very SCARY;
  3. Even though I see so many positive things happening when I’m on big streak (better mood, more motivation for work, life, studies, more confidence, better sleep, less anxiety and etc…) I still keep doing it, it feels soooo wrong.

So I need advice from you guys. Is there anyone here, on this forum, who has succesfully defeated this nightmare? Is it possible to do without special rehabs? I’m at such point, that I don’t really care anymore, I finish my studies in 1-2 months, have some savings, so I’m thinking of dropping work and going to rehab in some country (because where I live I don’t think we have that kind of rehabs), what you guys think?

What helps me (maybe will help some of you folks too) after/before relapse is ROCK. Bands like 3dg, linkin park, five finger death punch and etc…

Also after writing this I feel a bit better (I relapsed yesterday and had horrible sleep :frowning: ).


If your financial situation allows you. Come To India. It might totally change your life. (With respect to rehab).

  • So i recently crossed 3 months. Im not over this addiction and no one ever completely is. Why? Because even after a good streak, people will fall into chaser effect. Thats the hard truth. Meaning they focussed more on the streak and not adressing their porn addiction.

  • Last time when I relapsed, I didn’t fap more than once. It didn’t give me the pleasure like I had expected. Even after 15 days of nofap, my dopamine wasn’t enough to get me high. So I knew something is dead wrong. This realization that PMO is fucking you up needs to be understood. This is the important thing. Hope you have already realized

  • Focus always and always on the benefits. Its apples and oranges man. 10 seconds of pleasure, self loathing, sad feelings v/s 100s of benefits. If you are smart guy, you know whats the better choice.

  • Don’t focus on streak. Focus on getting rid of watching porn first. Its the main trigger. Rest will take care of itself. Enjoy the process. Focus on small wins

  • Fool yourself into believing, nofap is your savior. Nofap will make you more happy and calm. Believe in this

  • It takes will power and self discipline to stick to nofap. If anyone says otherwise, they are bullshitting you.

  • Have a purpose. For me Nofap is the only good thing in my life right now. I got out of a bad relationship, im happy. So whats your purpose?? Without a purpose you cannot break into higher streaks

  • How badly do you wanna stay clean? Ask this when you feel like relapsing

Most importantly its being self aware, building self discipline. Simple


Thanks for the reply man and grats on 90+ days! I know that we shouldn’t focus on the number itself, but it is a good streak for sure :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree - no one is completely free of PMO, but I believe that time heals even the most severe wounds (physical and mental) and giving this a lot of time and HARD work can make big changes in life. I really hope I and all of us who struggle can achieve this state of “rewiring”.

I will think about India. It is a beautiful country, always wanted to visit it, I might give it a try, just have to make some research about rehabs.


@IneedToStop1 Boosting your thread. Guys with long streak do comment here and help him/ us.

For me the first 30 days were itself life changing. I used to fucking have these mood swings man. Like I used to burst into tears and anything remotely sad would make me feel down. I did believe fapping had a hand in it too… So just start with 30 day clean at first… Trust me… After that its easy


Hey man, the most important is to follow Nofap like religion and don’t give in at all.
It takes many attempts to get a good streak.
I had a 45+ one but relapsed completely in purpose to see the shit more clearly.

Then it took a few more streaks, got to 29 but relapsed soon but then after many tries yet again, I got to a good streak.

I recommend you to try Celibacy/ Brahmacharya for a month to.
It will get you to 1 month flawlessly and without much effort but if you do it for longer, it’s even better.
Also meditation and exercise with Nofap is the best.
Everyone here on the forum does meditation and exercise with Nofap.

NoFap alone won’t get you anywhere.

Stay Strong!!

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First of all welcome to the community brother. @IneedToStop1

I believe it is possible bro.
I am at day 89 of my streak.
I don’t see easy peasy hackbook in your list of tools you tried.
It worked like a charm for me (biggest streak was 19 days before this book) and as per the evidence it has worked for millions.

Give this a serious read, you have already tried a lot of things why not read a book, open this link in browser, you can download pdf or epub version of this book, pdf version has just 108 pages which means it will take one or two days tops to complete it.
It will easily change your mindset in such a way that you can easily glide through initial hard days of your streak and then you’ll be at a stage where urges will be easier to handle. Just follow the instructions in this, of which only one golden rule is no peeking.


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