I need advice about this situation


I wanted to ask something. I was reading something and it kinda turned me on. I am active book reader. And that is why my imagination is pretty strong. And it kinda made me little horny. But I could control myself. Buuuut I feel little brain fog. It is brain fog or my mentality. I need help on that. Is brain fog physiological or something else?


No, brainfog is because of fap. It’ll disappear after the frist weeks. Keep going.


Thanks I am at day 22.


Nah it will pass, keep on check and you’ll get through


Which day are you on?
And remember as watching pornography consider relapsed same as reading fictional or non fictional things also consider relapsed
Kinda refer your brain on porn website

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  1. it wasn’t that pornographic content. I am good

I want to say one thing that I am not addicted to porn. I was addicted to masterbation. After that thing happened I took cold shower and started to do my job. And now I am feeling ok. I am at day 22


But M addiction will also drain your energy, try to conserve your semen


Don’t worry I haven’t touched myself for 26 days. And I am feeling better than I used too.