I need a suggestion & strategies to deal with flatlines

Well I gone longer streaks many times since I started nofap but most of times I done relapse on flatlines due to couldn’t handle flatlines.

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I don’t think I’ve gotten far enough to experience flailing but what did you experience??

All things appear boring & feeling like depressed. I feel nothingness. Can’t feel pleasure from day to day activities

Change your day-to-day activities and find a few things that peak your interest. Maybe your routine gets boring and it’s time for a change. :point_left:

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If everythings is boring it’s normal that you feel depressed.
You can surely find pleasure and joy, but you have to look and put out your attention there.
Use your mind less, and your sense more.
Watch the beautiful nature, or asked yourself question about the environment. It’s all a matter of where you put your attention. Feel,smell, watch, taste, and hear.

If you do sport, feel your breathing and Feel your muscles, try to enjoy the sensation. Watch your surrounding, and listen to the noise around, you wil enjoy this moment.

Me I play the guitar, and I focus on how every single note sounds, the rythm, If I don’t do that it’s just my hand moving and it’s pretty boring.

To feel nothing is bullshit, feel your body, do you really not feel any pain or tensions in your body? When you touch something there is no sensation?

What are your daily activities, that you think you should enjoy if you were not in flatline?
Why are you not enjoying them?


Well I play chess a lot, daily exercise with maintaining strict diet by excluding sugar completely. Sometimes I read related to psychology & Watch fictional comics.some time on whatsapp & play videogames. You are right I completely ignore my environment even I won’t care how food tastes & beauty of environment. I will give a do as you said

It’s normal we are healing

When I joined nofap I focused a lot on improving myself, workout, meditation, cold shower, reading books about Self developement.
But along the way I forgot to live!!! and have fun.
The lesson I learned is if I don’t enjoy my activities now I won’t enjoy them at day 180 of nofap(I really did 180 nofap and I was like feeling depressed everythings is boring).
So when doing sport I put a lot of focus on How my muscles feels, my breathing, the people around, the noise, everythings is intersting when you put your attention on it. WHEN I run outside I listen to the birds, the nature, the beauty of the sun coming down on trees.
It’s a lot easier to do sport, If each time you do it you experience some kind of fun/joy. Your brain will remember that it was fun and you won’t have resistance of doing it again.
Avoid playing to much video games or watching too much comics, it will probably not fullfilling you and make you happy.
You want a fun life now, so every day live as if you were fully healed, and do the things that you really want to do, don’t procrastinate, be passionante, think about the things that would be great to practice.
Honest I don’t beleive that the flatline really exist, you don’t need healing, you need to build the life you want to live and experience it fully with all your sense.


amazing thoughts man!!
never thought about that.
heard a lot that if you take some out you have to replace it with something. but it really maters what you are replacing it with.
you have to be able to enjoy what you are doing

thanks a lot

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