I need a partner to continue men or women

Coz There is no-one to share , to talk about Nofap

DM @jaiva maybe he’s still looking for a companion

tnx Govind May you attain all your goals

Shu kurenai #8990 is my discord id

I tried bro. It’s not working. Send a screenshot of your profile. Lemme check

Fucking urges are back what to do @everybody

You’re close to end the day! Don’t give up now. Listen to the music, some kind of rock or something, really loud.
Or maybe you can try another method. I don’t think it’s cool, but, who cares, if it would work. So, make yourself a challenge of some time, you think you could stay away from all this stuff you’re trying to get rid off. Be sincere with yourself, don’t say, I will do it for a week, if you think you’re not ready for a week for now. So, make a reasonable number of days and/or hours and after that let yourself to do something you enjoy a lot. But maybe don’t allow yourself to do. I would dare to say let yourself stuff you’re fighting with, for a day, but also think if it won’t backfire. And make those gaps longer. But don’t lie to yourself. If you said 2 days, after 2 days give yourself award. Don’t think, oh, I feel good enough go for 1 more. No. Stop with 2. Do the thing, you planned as an award and only then go further. You don’t want to lose trust in yourself. The numbers on that clock isn’t important. Important is to change your mindset. Good luck! Fight a good fight!


Thanks sis I done 10 push ups. Urges gone but it is a pain to do push ups because I am fapping my testosterone is low

Hey hey! Good job, knight! Maybe do a bit easier way, you know, knees included. Or you can do “planks” maybe. It kills me :smiley: after 5 minutes I am barely alive :DDDD

Haha I can barely do it 20 secs if u kept doing it for 1 week it will be easy for u

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Dari sis I have completed my day 1 what is your age can I know

I do it with brakes :laughing: can handle a bit more than 1 minute! So, no worries, you’re at a good start!

I am damn old comparing to you! Don’t want to scare you!

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Never ask a woman her age bro. It’s a life lesson, never forget it


Ok bro, I’ve sent a friend request on discord. Accept it and I’ll let you in the server

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Day 28, I am also from India, Kerala.

Hey there! I’m back in the game today and looking for one or more companions to talk to and support each other!

Sharing code - Sharing code - 5wrgtj

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 120 days
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - Brazil

Why I want a companion - I’ve done this before and kept on a healthy once every 14 days (MO only) for some 10 months until some time ago I kinda gave up control for a while and now feel like resetting again. And having companions who you can really talk to helps not only when you feel like talking but by helping others you become stronger too. So send me a followet request and messages here and we can do this better when together.

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Good to see women are also involved in this

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