I need a long term companion for motivation please join me

Sharing code - c4tioc

Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 2 days
Age - 32
Gender - M

Why I want a companion - I want to get rid of pmo. Have tried before with many relapses. I joined rewire just 2 days back with current and highest streak 2 days please help me … I get urges once or twice a day… which is absolutely beyond my control … I truly need strong motivation. It would be of great help if I have friends in the same journey thanks!!


I dont know I am strong or not. Anyway I am here for you bro.
You can ask me for anything. If I am into the app, surely i reply to with best of my knowledge.


Thanks bud… we are in it together stay strong

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Just 100 pages brother. Read this book. Its helps a lot. You can also open browser and download it too

Sure bro !! Will check out

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I am just about to complete my DAY 1. We all want to overcome this burden. Together, we are more stronger.
Here’s my code:nppzct


Added you bud … Stay strong

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