I need a friend in this journey

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Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - INA

Hello peeps, I’m still mew to this whole journey and i actually relapsed in my first 3 days of nofap lmao. But a kind stranger helped me and message me some really nice advice and i finally broke the 3 days mark and still going strong. I just want to return the favor to other people if you are struggling i’m here to help and you can help me out too whenever i’m struggling

I still see no benefits but a hunch on the problems to come is still strong, so i would like to help and get help as much as i can

Stay strong nofap bros


You sure that’s your sharing code?

Yeah mate i just checked

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Aight let me try again

How about you share your code mate and i’ll add you

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Yeah sure! fv39jh

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