I need a daily check-in/partner

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Why I want a companion:
I’m a medical student, and I spend roughly 12-14hrs every day at the hospital either training or studying. Despite my best intentions, I fap almost every night for hours on end to forget the stresses of my day and about the mounting responsibilities and all the things I feel like I am falling behind in my life. Ironically, the time spent fapping is partly perpetuating these feelings by robbing me of what little time I have when I get home, which could be better spent than taking care of the house, talking to family, hanging with friends, exercising, etc. That said, I need someone that I can check in with every day, preferably through a brief message, and keep me accountable for my actions when I get home.


Perhaps i can help you
Here’s my code: tatgsw
Hope everything’s fine .

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Welcome to the community. I’m going back to school myself in October.
Seems like Leando is your partner and anyway since I’m in the UK I might not be of no use due to the time differences. Anyway I wish you all the best.

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