I need a companion:)

Hi, my point of view on semen retention is building my mentality - not letting my mind take control over me, being aware and going forward, not backwards.

Sharing code - 7aedf4

Current streak - 5 days
Highest streak - 15 days
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - SLO

Why I want a companion - You may have heard of David Goggins or Jocko Willink. They’re both all about discipline, mentality and awareness. They helped me turn my life onto a good path and now I’m ready to take on a challenge - add me and let’s build our mental strenght together.

Added you bro, add back.

Added, good luck brother

Same to you brother. Would like to know your point of view here.

Add me bro… Sharing code daaf29

Added, good luck, we’ve got this

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Yeah brother… we will grow together here with support each other like a team… an army against PMO.

My code: 2wrhba


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Sorry bro, had to unfriend you because you relapsed and my goal is over 500days.

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