I need a companion/friend

Hello everyone
I need a companion, friend, accountability partner
Someone not dead busy

I’m pretty rare specie
M22 Christian Arab from Israel, I’m still trying to understand my sexual orientations, one if my biggest concerns , see how rare is that

I like piano and karate, and deep conversions

I need friend around to push each others
My goals, I should practice, work out (idk how lol)
Build a life routine basically

What do you say guys?


I’m in! Anything you need brother! I’m not leaving the app this time. I’m in it to stay!

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I’ve just started learning piano!!! I’d love to do Karate, but I’m still young and I can’t afford classes.

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Cool, I can help you build a background in both :slight_smile:
I did both for years and stopped for years
I want to work out to be able to do karate again, strengthen my knee

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Yeah I need to work out too honestly…


I’m weak for my age, didn’t work out much my intire life
Let’s start together and see how we progress

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Ok. Fear inflicts the heart lol. I’m so out of shape this is going to hurt. Guess it’s good I’m starting at 15 though lol.

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Where should we start? I can’t go to a gym. Haven’t got the time and I can’t drive

Respect man
It’s gonna be painful, alot lol

I’m not an expert, will read about it
I’ll workout at home, all you need something to do pull-ups on (try to)

I want to do mixed work out for a couple months
Shoulders , chest, stomach, legs

10-15 time × 3 sets , each exercise
Then another round different exercise for each muscle…

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I’ll do knee push ups, to be able to do 12×3

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I have a pullup bar in my backyard. Well it’s a salmon ladder if you know what that is. But I can do pullups

What’s a knee pushup? And by 12x3 you just mean 36 right? But seperate?

Yes, 12 then break, then another 12…
, Knee push up like normal one, instead of being on your hands and feets، be on your hands and knees

Is that easier or harder?

Also can I have your sharing code so I can follow your progress?

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What’s yours?

Here ya go pal: fv39jh

Imma stretch and then see how many pushups I can do lol. This may go poorly

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In the process of clearing room to do pushups I managed to knee my forearm, and drop a monkey wrench and pliers on my foot. It didn’t hurt. I think the pliers missed. The monkey wrench didn’t hit too hard. My foream still kinda hurts :rofl:

I did 20. I was regretting my choices even before I started :rofl: Oh geez. This is bad. I’m so out of shape.