I need a companion ,buddy and go to friend

I need a companion ,buddy and go to friend,I’m 58 UK guy needing to make PMO to stop MO not as important or easy,non 20 day streak at the moment


Hi there
Let’s support each other. I’m 30 yo and just hit 13 days streak. My best record was 56 days

Hey there thx for reply…I’ve relapsed on MO but I’m never going back to PMO…you heard it hear first…Porn exclusion is what I’m really aiming for tbh, for me to try both at the same time is too much…

I am with you @PaulW1963 , sir. I am 15 and on a 1 day streak.

One step at a time, to achieve success. Good going sir.

Well done you…keep going man

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