I need a companion and a friend

Hello everyone
I’m looking for a companion, and a friend
I’m 22 yo, couple weeks ago stopped working, so currently I have alot of time, I need someone to keep me in check to help me keep pushing myself.
I think it’s important to mention that I’m homosexual, just for those who might have problem with homosexuality. But for the rest, I won’t bother you my companion/friend with homosexuality, no worries.

It would be great if someone drinks beer, it would be nice activity.

For the next 2 months I’m without schedule for life and I find it hard to go alone on this. I don’t have job I may have some errands to do, I may have knee surgery, I know nothing about when this gonna happen lol, but these 2 months hopefully.

Guys if you have any questions plz ask
I need a friend, and I hope I find one here.

Peace :slight_smile: :beer::beer:

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Hiiiii Friend
Here i am

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