I need a challange partner!

I need a challange,was thinking 14days at first then go on fron there with an update on this thread. I relapsed today and i gotta get thia shit straight. Been relapsing every 4rth day and that became some shitty habit as well. And now its the first day relapse… the chain effect got to me…

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I need to be held accountable for my actions, feels like i keep telling myself that its ok and that i can get away with it. Now im telling it to this awesome community to shed light on thisnew bad habit. Its like that the habit found another way to go around the problem portraying it as a sollution when its actually all just smoke and mirrors. FUCK YOU BRAIN, IM EXPOSING YOU NOW. Cowardice as it is, i hope this message geths through me as well as others. <3 thank you all

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Here is my sharing code : 810a0c4
I just relapsed today after 4 day streak

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Just added yiu:) lets do it! 14days !!! Lets go!

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My sharing code : 79b68e

Current streak : 32 days !

Highest : 32 days !

Hey, my sharing code 40e0ec0

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Add mine 078d0f
Thank and don’t give up

I didn’t get to see you in my companion list, should I do something? Sorry I am new to this app

61a099c is my code. I’m gonna add you all.

Try Refreshing it. It works.

@Kayfax @happinessisinourhands @Manikandan @baublysd0927 @blegon86

We need to create a group to keep each other accountable. Either we create a new group or y’all can join my group- ‘Semen Retention Challenge’, I update it daily so it keeps everyone accountable.


3days in, no urges after the thread i created. And i think its due to the fact that people read/reploed to me, and that i made a promise tp you guys to do 14days mark. This reply now is to give me strength to go on an additional 3 days.
And ill do my best replying here as a checkpoint system. Matbe that can help others too!

You want a challenge partner?
add me: 23f8b8
current streak: 17 days

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Ok, checking in, 5days in! Had some weird dreams(of porn) but the urge felt weak, that surprised memed.felt good, like i had controlover it:) i feel pretty damn good today. Happy,energetic. My vitality is nice and high. Feel younger. Its friggin great. Guys let yoöur juices flow within yourselves. It will do wonders. Also had many women looking at me these past 2 days. I thought i was crazy but im sure there is something.msgical about retaining!!! Best of luck!

6days!! Ive felt a strong uege today, i went to the gym and worked my ass off, i think it helped, but i still feel something lingering. Ill try to stay busy today just to keep it out of mind. Wish me luck!

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