I need a accountability companion

I am a 33 years old male… I really need a companion in the nofap rewiring journey for next 90 days

Sharing code - t21jgl

Current streak - 2 days *
Highest streak - 10 days *
Age - 33
Gender - M
Location - India

Reason I want a companion is that humans are social animals and bigger and difficult goals can be achieved through team work. So I want a serious companion who wants to get free of this addiction. Thanks.


My sharing code - ve1hew
Age - 22

I am on day 14 right now of this journey. And I have got very serious with nofap. I saw some amazing benefits in my previous streak. Now I am on my recovery period. And I want you to beat this addiction once and for all. If someone can come over this addiction then we can do it too. :muscle: Let’s go …


Sharing code: wgfyre
Age : 18 M
Current streak : 12 days
Let’s go for 90 days together @xxbee


Nice to meet you and @tuku… I have added you in my companion list… Hope we go a long way

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I’m here for you buddy.

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My code: g5qe0l
I am a 20yo man ffrom Brazil, my goal is 100 days without pmo

I m new în this too.
Day 7
Sharing Code 5uzns0
I m with you in this

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