I need 1 week hard mode challange companion

You , me and @Tokra3242 are almost at same days. Let’s start with new mindset. We won’t repeat our last mistake.
We have to break that chain. If we follow old pattern then we may fall again. So break that pattern.
Good luck guys.

I almost masturbated but pulled off fast.

I am open to challenge anyone can join me.
Sharing code: mymcsp
Highest streak : 30 days.
Current streak : 30 days.
:+1: all the best for all ur journeys.

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My sharing code is r14n97.

Let’s do this together. I’m so sick of this crap and I want to feel fulfilled by myself without this. It affects my outlook on life. I need people to help me get through this.


Count me in.
Code: n5ow7f

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