I need 1 week hard mode challange companion

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  • I want to complete 1 week in hard mode. I need companion so that i take it seriously.
  • This challange is for those who relapses frequently around 4 or 5th day like me.
  • We will write our daily progress here.
  • I need motivation and some supporting companion.

Im not sure what hard mode is. Can you help me understand?

Im down to be your companion, accountability partner, cheerleader and friend.

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If you want you can add me on telegram. I think it makes it a bit easier to communicate. My name on there is Tokra Elite


Welcome @Tokra3242 to the community, there are 3 modes of nofap viz. Normal mode, hard mode, monk mode.
In Hard mode the rule is

  1. u cannot watch, read, hear p*rn and various arousing material.
  2. u cant mas*turbate voluntarily.
  3. u cant hv s*x.
    Up until u recover, because our body is made for real partner and not for pixels and hand and toilet

Tell me about other modes

In normal mode

  1. u can hv sex with partner (for marriage, live in etc).
  2. u cant watch p*rn and cant do pmo.

In monk mode
U cant hv sex, no pmo, and no fantasizing. Total brhmacharya like monks.

One thing common in all is not watch p*rn and no pmo.


After Real Sex… We need to press Relapse button?.. Just asking

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Depends on ur mode.
But in my opinion if i m on nofap & luckily if i hv sex i will push button. But not when i m recovered since it will be normal with partner.

But be aware because like pmo even sex will lead to addiction. Self control is key.:slightly_smiling_face:


Bro… I suffered a lot due to these pixels… I killed much time due to this… I am regretting a lot :persevere::sob:


Its good you understood now, better late than never.


@Tokra3242 i searched your name on telegram but couldn’t find you

@rockisrock my name on telegram is tokra elite. Sorry for the confusion

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Why just one week of hard mode?

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Hey guys i made a discord server where we can help eachother, i rather keep the group small 10-15 people so that we can keep an eye on eachother :slight_smile:

Feel free to join here:

Bcz my average streak is 4~5 days. If i complete this small milestone. I will have a confidence that i am a man of word.
After 1 week. I i won’t allow myself to relapse. I will extend this limit.

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If there is still space i would like to join the discord group. But the link has expired. If there is space can you pm me please.

My 4 days have completed in hard mode. I can’t believe 4 day hard mode bcz i used to watch soft p at 2 or 3rd day.

I think , i faild in past bcz i was doing nofap alone. But after last relapse i wrote my feeling in this msg thread and many guys motivated me to keep going.

After that msg 3 people followed me. Now i worry that if i failed then what would they think. This accountability keep me on track.

My strategies:

  1. Everyday i ask myself. “What am i doing to rewire my brain” (meditation?, not being alone?, Any productive habit?).
  2. I don’t use phone and pc alone. If i get alone then i plug earphones and start doing meditation.
  3. I daily come here in this community. Which keep me motivated.

Hey man, sure use this link:

Im not sure why but when i click accept invite it doesnt follow through and let me in. Im not sure what to do. Can you pm the invite link directly?

Every thing feeling boring. My mind is searching excuses to watch. What to do?

I am also in count me in
My code :lpnmzb

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