I need 1 serious companion

Hey guys. I’m addicted for almost 11 years and I wanna get out of this right now.

I have tried nofap for almost 24 years and now I can’t even make it for 2 days.

This is my sharing code 99nqdt

Just in case to check my progress and I will add u guys back too. I wanna keep u motivated and I wanna get motivated by u guys.

I need 1 companion who is serious and available in IST timings.


This is mine… (8uuv94)


Hey, available here. Add me using this code 7viliw

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@anon8562383 bro e playlist follow avvu,

You will easily cross 30 days, she will provide tools & plans needed to survive No PMO 30-day challenge.


Thank you bro for the playlist. will go through it

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