I messed up big time

Soo my friend took a picture of me playing around soo i asked for his phone to look at the funny pics he had taken soo as i was stolling throw his i clicked on a porn gif . Please guys be honest and tell me what this is considered!!

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If it was just a split second peek I don’t think you need to worry about anything. Don’t be too hard on yourself :slight_smile:


ur way going too hard bro

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I declare you not guilty.
Let’s face it, our world is too sexualized for us to continue living without being exposed to sex and nudity. As long as you didn’t do it on purpose, blaze ahead with your awesome streak man !


I clicked on it man!

Ok man thanks for the feedback

Forget it and move on.

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I recently was scrolling through my Pinterest and hentai came up! I definitely got turned on and oggled at it for a moment or two but snapped myself out of it and scrolled past. I think if it pops up right in front of you it’s natural to just be an animal and crave it in that moment, even clicking into it. But all that matters is that NoFap brain kicked in fast enough to stop you before you started looking up more porn.