I made a program to help you during urges!


  • Run the code in the link!

The program doesn’t touch your files in any way, it doesn’t contain viruses or anything, it only generates text, I made it myself and even if I wanted to make a virus I don’t know how to so don’t worry the code is 100% safe =)


Apparently this post was flagged. I think that’s because the link leaded to a private post and it didn’t let you see the code, I made it private because I tought that meant only people with the link could see it but that meant I had to manually give the permission, sorry, I fixed everything, now it shares the whole program so that problem is gone.
Please, if the problem that was the reason of the report is still there, tell me instead of flagging again, because I won’t know what the problem was and can’t fix it, also I spent almost the whole Easter day programming, and only flagging would make it useless.
Thank you


You have to give some hints what we can ask and type… It will be better then.
Otherwise people get bored early.

Kindly add more to that make it attractive.

Anyhow you did really did Great Job :clap::+1::blush:


Great work brother, nice program and appreciate your effort :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::ok_hand::ok_hand:


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