I’m getting these weird thoughts

I’m kinda started feeling depressed . I don’t know what’s this happening. I’m getting this weird thought that I want a wife , so that I could tell all my problems and fears to her and she could understand me and give emotional support, but I’m only 17 LOL .
I’m getting feeling that I’m trapped in an empty whole with no one to hear me and help me .


Its flatline bro. It will become normal in few days, but the craving for a female to stay with you will become much more frequent as you’ll grow older LOL. You’re turning into an adult.Congratulations.


This forum is there for that, to an extent. Drop me a message if anything.\

(Also ixnay on the excessive KPOP please :sweat_smile: that can cause it too)


Lol possible excessive Kpop :joy::joy:. Will reduce to 30 minutes each day, as it’s for entertainment not for an addiction . Well that’s not the problem to stop .


Lol! Music has a strange affect on emotions. Yeah dude everyone experiences random angst during teenage years through young adulthood, it’s a part of life. Don’t worry though you’ve made such a good decision by stopping this habit in order to reduce the negative feelings and stress life may bring.

It will get easier as time passes. This is all a part of setting yourself up for more social interaction which can easily lead to finding a partner that will talk about any mental struggles you have or cheer you up when you need it. You’re not alone, we’re all here to help each other

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