I m destroyed and finished now . It's the end

Buddies after breaking my 68 days streak
I m stucked in chaser effect . And now I have reached at the last stage where whenever I just play a p*RN video I ejaculate automatically without even touching my “D”. I think it’s my end. I am also thinking that I will not marry any girl because it will ruin her life too. Its the end guys. I m so depressed I don’t know what to do now. I don’t even know that whether this condition will be cured or not😭


Do not lose hope brother !

You are already past your 1st challenge - that is recognizing the problem !

As for the Chaser effect - since you already know this, you are again one step ahead in this as well !

In order to prevent this problem - try putting blockers to stop porn !
Since Chaser effect lasts only for a few days , after that you will find yourself healing from it , And the urges will go down as well , because of the very fact that Chaser effect lasts a few days only!

Main thing is to not lose hope - you are not destroyed OR finished. You ARE a step AHEAD of many people who do not care about healing themselves . When you are in this journey , do not beat yourself up for this !


I can understand your situation very well. I have faced the very same. I was stuck in a loop of porn and 24×7 felt like a looser but i knew there is always a beautiful sunrise after a dark night. So brother keep going, life is a very great journey, once you get the taste you will never back down, just keep thinking about your childhood when you were free and elated.


Thanku guys but can you tell me in how much time my problem will be cured???


Consult some good doctor bro,

bro Congratulations on your streak
I never reach that yet
You’re on the right track
While on journey, your energy builds up
if you watch porn then your body is preparing for some action after that, it’s normal to ejaculate without even fapping, it’s normal,
Just don’t watch porn, whenever you feel like watching just get out and do something else
You where on high streak, your storage was full
With porn you just reactivated the factories while the storage is already full, so it’s normal to ejaculate at this point.
Just don’t watch porn

It’s somehow similar to night falls, I get sexual dream and wake up wet …


Thanks a lot buddy. Thanks a lot. :sob::sob::pray::pray::pray:

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I completely understand your feelings and situation. I had those thoughts as well same exact thoughts. I started watching porn when I was 7 years old, I wanted quit since age 16. Now I am 21 year old now. I haven’t gotten past day 60 not even day 30. I have relapsed over 4000 times easily. You are amazing! Bro don’t give up. Bro go out in nature today. Or keep yourself very busy. It usually works after a relapse.



Thanku Sagar bhai aur yar vo jo problem hai vo normal hi hai na??

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Brother, stay strong! I have been addicted for 20+ years of my life and the past 5 years or so I have learned how destructive this is. I have fallen into depression several times, keep fighting brother lean on people here that have gone through it! You are not alone and you can overcome this! I use blocker hero app to control what I can and cant see on my phone it was only $20 a year.

As for a woman be patient I know alot of people say that but I will tell you the right one will come into your life. I will tell you she will change you not because she wants to but because you want to change for her. That’s the beauty and power of love!!! I will keep you in my prayers brother! Don’t give up and keep fighting it will be worth it in the end!!!


I have no idea. I haven’t told anyone regarding my problem. I was facing it alone. What about you brother?


Bhai jo maine upar likha vo teresath bhi hota hai?? Mtlb porn video dekhte hi apne aap nikal jana bina touch kiye??? Ye bata

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