I lost motivation becouse play with girls and edge(i am in hardmode)


Play in the clubs with girls + edge next day motivated by the impresion that womens leave in my mind, bring me to the point that i feel relapsed without really relaps i feel like i messed my way. I lost the motivation, feel no strengt to go up. I thinking maybe just relaps, go down feel the bad that i want beat and win back my motivation the strenght for push back again and see clear the goal again. Anyone had been in this situation?? what to do?


Yes, i felt the same way when i had sex on my previous streak of 21 days. I had sex on 14 & 20th days. Thus, it only finaly leads to relapse.
Rewiring of brain was stopped for 2 or 3 days.
My advise is Just forgive yourself and move on with your streak.

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Thx bro , i will try and if i cant i will relaps and start from zero. My fail was that i didnt change some activitys in my life that clarely are incompatible with this task. I must learn to say no to friends, and remove some social app from my phone. Need change my life to better way, more pure, my weekend goal was know girls.

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Perfection is something that i personally struggle with, i understand you man but no need to relapse to be honest its just another low on the journey accept it and keep moving

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