I know u will not see this

Closing this, because the people of this community of this App sucks now, No one is helping me, If you all are not helping anybody then why the FUCK you have created the community.


I’m ready to join . But 2 days fasting😨, u mean only water and nothing


Bro, calm down. Give some details where no one had helped you.

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You may be frustrated by personal reasons for whatever, but this post is a bit offensive. And arrogant too.

Have you signed up for premium services that promised you that you’ll be spoon-fed? I don’t see any contract though. Everyone here is in the problem of addiction and they try to help out others in a way that is possible for them. Most people are busy in their personal lives as well. But you seem to be inconsiderate.


@StealthChopperinbond like brother @krishvamsi30 said,

Calm down.

I saw @Dean_Ambrose 's post . Seems like you have made a fasting challenge. While fasting is beneficial to health, and while we are having a lot of good challenges to improve productivity, this is a NoFap forum first and a productivity forum second.

Many people still here are only recovering from the addiction. Focus is to first beat first few days, productivity will come with time.
Others may be busy and not able to fast, or may be following their own patterns.

You have to think about others, bud. Even if only you had done the challenge on your own, I’m sure others would have commended and encouraged you, even if they didn’t join the challenge.

Telling that the community sucks because they do not join your challenges …well…grow up man. You are a part of the community. Instead of thinking how others can help you, think of how you can help others. It goes a longer way.


Everyone here is like you… We are not from rewire companion support team… We are all struggling in our life and we are here to quit… Based on our journey, whatever we experience, if someone needs it, we will share our views… We cant spoon feed you and make it our responsibility to help you… Thats your job. We are here to support if we can, that too depending on a lot of factors, our free time and such… that is it… But telling that people suck just because they didnt help, is a character you really have to get rid of… We are responsible for ourselves… Not others… @StealthChopperinbond

And yes, I did read your post. I am not looking to fast and so i didn’t comment… But if that works for you, Good luck!!


Bro, I’m ready for the challenge.
I’ll do every task except the fasting one.

Also, if I’m not mistaken you created this post only 12 hours ago, at least give people some time to join. :upside_down_face:


I think he left the forum in frustration.