I keep trying but no results

Hey, I know very few respond to me anymore and I have been given advice and tried.

I feel like this is me permanently.

The 2 day cycle never ends.

I prayed, but still fail.

I try distractions but still fail.

I try making a plan and don’t succeed.

I have done it all and see no way out.

I don’t want my soul in the afterlife suffering for all eternity.

I trying reading Gods word and it doesn’t help.

I want a way out. I am on my own.


#1 That’s not the point. Don’t do it out of fear, do it out of Love for God, and Jesus.

#2 Quit focusing so hard on NoFap, I found myself in a situation where everything I did was centered around NoFap and that was actually dragging me down. Make NoFap a part of you. It’s simply something that you do. When an urge arises just go live! Go outside, go help your dad, cook something Idk. Staying in your room watching youtube isn’t living! Maybe if it’s for like a little while, but watching crap for hours and hours is stupid.

#3 God loves you. He doesn’t want you to go to hell, but you need to love Him enough to be willing to give this stuff up. Let go and don’t look back.

Love you brother.


The only thing that has worked for me is to get rid of xxx pictures and videos and get busy in my life with other things. Well urges do come spontaneously but i have to remind myself that i will fall down flat if i looked at any erotic thing.


What is fall down flat ?

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I think it means relapse


At 20 hours on Today June 11 at time 12 30 pm. Lunch time. Had tomato soup for lunch.

Did you know tomato soup is good for male fertility?


I see myself improving.

I relapsed without my porn and without my phone.

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