I keep failing. What can I do?

I keep failing and feeling like mad. My record time is just 1 day. I am just fucking pervert😭
What can I do?

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1.)Go for a tour or family members house one week and enjoy. It becomes easy after week.


2.)Take one or two goals and work harder towards that with full force.

Bro, I know what you’re going through and I know that it sucks but you’re having a had time controlling it. I’ve gone through the same phase recently and I was in a more vicious condition that you are, my average was 2 times a day!!

I’ve just settup something for specially people like you who have just started this journey. Read this carefully and do join this if you really want help yourself and others too. » No Fap Challenge for new members only

And one thing more, just joining this cause will not get you anywhere but you have to put in efforts too. Hope we all succeed :blush:


Well, the truth is my first streak was of one day then i challenged myself and increase my streak significantly.

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Say this to porn in its face.

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I’m in bro let’s change ourself

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