I just relasped 😭

Yes I just relasped,breaked 13 days streak.

felling down.

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Dont be depressed brother failure will come to us stay strong dont lose hope


Well brother, I’m relapsed on Day 75th. So stay strong and continue nofap to overcome that shitty addiction. :slight_smile:


And I’m relapsed 2 times … the last one was after 115 days man :blush::blush:
I share you hoping that make difference inside …
Relapse you can say that it’s usefull for the journey of no fap …
But learn from it … try to search for your best … and from my side I hope that you will get it , make an end for your suffer . :blush::muscle:


Don’t discourage youself. Do it the right way. Change your identity. You are no someone who is trying to leave PMO. You are someone who is a non PMO person.

I wrote something which might help.

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Keep going.
In a year from now, you’ll thank yourself.