I just need to be 100% sure

If I am succeeding in NoFap… After some time I will stop objectifying women? Because this is my solid ground right now and I need to be sure!


I think so. My mind is better about that kind of thing 47 days later though I still have a problem with fantasizing.


This is very long run …
But if you want fast result make a heavy schedule to do…for today…try to complete all…don’t keep your mind empty,don’t take rest do this for some days you will get idea .


Yes and no…
The issue with objectification is at least twofold.
The first part surely depends on attraction you see a girl and reduce here to the parts you like since you are used to searching for those things in porn and they stimulate you. This will definitely stop when your streak is long enough and you have a clear mind!

BUT there are plenty of men out there who objective woman even without porn.

The second and propably bigger issue with objectification is that it start with yourself.
Objectification is all about reducing sth to its surface value and ignoring it’s deeper/emotional or non physical characteristics…
You do not really see people and things as there own but instead as the aspects you notice about them.

To answer your question:
You will Only stop objectifying women when you stop objectifying yourself and people in general.
This will happen when you emphasize with people and yourself and develop an understanding that a person is a tiny universe of it’s own and immensely complex. This will lead to you actively trying to learn about people and yourself and superficial characteristics won’t be enough to satisfy you …

Pls remeber when you notice you objectify Something -reduce it to some characteristic- it is a sign that you also objectify yourself to the same degree it means that in this are (e.g. if it is body form) you think you have to have a specific type of body you dislike your tummy or the size of your **** these are the moments you have to remember that you have tried your best and that is okay sure you can think and put in more effort and change your behaviour but it is okay how that is …
If you are capable of that you will stop seeing a girl and think we’ll that is a great pair of it’s and ass walking past me … Sure you will appreciate it but you will also look for the person what does she express what else is there to notice. But this process start 1. With NOFAP and 2. With learning about you and changing your relationship to yourself.

Hope this helped.

Best regards

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