I hope my story will help you

For the last 8 years, I fapped at least 2 times and during weekends it’s definitely above 3 times.

I don’t know you guys but I am sure that I am way worse than all of you. I broke up with 3 girls because I wasn’t satisfied with the sex and 2 girls broke up with me because I was too horny for her.

I wanted to do all those stuffs I saw in porn.
I even started bodybuilding to get a huge body.
You might say “Isn’t it a good thing that you workout?”
Yes, it’s a good thing but to get fast results I started taking steroids after 1 year and I have been in steroid cycles 4 times by now.
I have the body I desire but what’s the use of it if I am a steroid addict? (remember every steroid users have to take other supplements to avoid gynecomastia).

What’s the use if I can’t be satisfied and happy with any girls?
What’s the use if my happiness lies only inside a screen?

I regret about the hearts of the girls I have broken just for not getting porn-like sex.

These 3 days have been very hard for me, couple of times I opened p**nhub, clicked on some videos but I immediately close it and start doing something else like workout or meditation (I have enrolled to an online meditation class recently though).

So yeah, just like my username say “Fuck Porn Industry!”


Thanks for the support and sorry the late reply.

Yes, I have stopped taking steroids, the withdrawal symptoms were little hard though but I am done with one crappy stuff of my life (and am working on PMO addiction).

As per my trainer and some bodybuilders in my gym who left taking steroids, I will gain few bodyfat % but I am okay with it. I just want to be in good shape, no need to look like dick skin Veiny hunk if am not making money out of it as a profession, its just toxic madness.


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