I hereby confess all of it

It all starts with a confession.
Despite being new to the platform I won’t feel ashamed to share my story here as all of us are present here for the same reason i.e. rebooting.
I’ve been going through a lot of confessions, diaries,etc. provided here and am relieved to see that I am not the only one suffering (not in wrong way).
There are a lot like me who have gone through the same and have admitted it publicly. There are a lot seeking help and getting helped.

As for me, I started fapping two years back or so. I had been concerned about it that it is killing me inside but somehow I was used to relapsing. I have always believed in healing in silence. I would have been trying again again silently without the community if it wasn’t for Ted.My reason for sharing my story socially.
I was convinced by the fact that accepting that you were a PMO addict and taking steps toward giving up on porn publically not only helps you but others too.

So, I am here to regain everything I lost before it’s too late.
I’ll be posting my daily small victory reports over my way out of masterbation, not only for myself for keeping a record but for motivating others too.

We all will win one day and we’ll be proud of yourselves. Till then it’s only us. Stay Strong!


I started my first diary here and accepted publicly because of the same video
With you all the best for your journey

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Thanks mate☺️.
Ted, for sure , is following there motto of ‘Ideas Worth Sharing’ and changing lives.

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