I have sexual dreams and thoughts . I need help

I keep seeing flashbacks of previous scenes of porn videos I watched in the past, sometimes I dream of people having sex. When I wake up, it feels like I’m aroused and I have strong urges to relapse. I need some advice to make these sexual thoughts go away. These urges increases daily. What can I do?


Do you fantasise during the day?

Bro i would advise you that before going to bed stay relaxed with zero stress at all.
We can’t control dreams but we can control ourselves from them.
Try these before sleep:
1)reading a book
2)talking to family and friends
3)dont peek half naked/insta models(count peeking as an relapse). Since one thing leads to the other.
4)adopt a positive strategy towards your goal. It will make your willpower strong.
Stay strong bro we’re in this together​:muscle::muscle::+1::+1:


@Jesusbaby I hope that the advice above works for you. The only thing that has worked for me is to hang in there. The fantasy will eventually fade as you perservere.


Bruuh just the same case with me last night. Some favorielte scenes kept coming to my mind. It was even a clearer visualization compare to fantasies on fap days. I think our brain tried to push us to release some dopamines. Do not loose! What I did for the last couple days:

  • put your phone outside from your room (like in livingroom) before bed time. Then lock your room.
  • lay in your bed without touching your ‘junior’
  • keep thinking about tomorrow’s plan
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Switch your porn thoughts with other useful thoughts.

God has given you the power of creating your own Thoughts.

Use your Power… bro.

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Dreams are the creation of repressed and past/present memories which are entangled in your subconscious mind. Our mind is an advanced tool given by nature to us. When your concious mind is at rest (while sleeping), your subconscious mind is at work. It plays with your desires, suppressed thoughts and past memories.
So what is the remedy?

  1. Get in charge of your concious mind first. Do not indulge in any such thoughts conciously. Guard your eyes. Replace them with opposite and positive thoughts.
  2. Controlling concious mind is half work done. With Dhyaan and meditation concentrate yourcontrol of mind, it will make you aware of the subconscious mind.
  3. Keep practicing self analysis, positive thinking, and physical excercise and yoga practice. With right thought, emotions and action, you can gradually get control over it.
    All the best.

Rightly said… Sir … My Respect to you.

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No, only in the mornings when I wake

Thank you guys for your advice and suggestions. I’ve seen a great improvement. I’m grateful👍