I have relapsed today & feel like committing suicide. Someone please help me

Feeling horrible… Please can someone help me>???

I need an accountability partner… I am new to this platform

I am ready to pay any amount of money if someone can be my accountability partner and hold me accountable for next 30 days on whatsapp… Pleassssss help someone


You don’t need to pay nothing . And you have God to be your partner , Here read this tips , will help you:

I’ve been on nofap since 2014 , My High streak is 1596 days (without P and without M), lately I’ve been 100 , before that I was addicted to P and M for 11 years between 2003 to 2014 and used it every day during that period, I had depression, anxiety, phobias and Panic Syndrome and I live in this time like a prisioner of myself , with so much suffering because P and others things in my Life, Then I got attached to the Creator that with the Strength of His Majesty answered me and put in my path a site similar to the Rewire Companion that helped me out of the bondage of Addiction a site called GuardYourEyes and I got a streak of 4 ½ years

Here are the tips:


Guarding yourself of triggers is essential for get away from Pmo addiction and not just for 90 days, but for the rest of your life, for this the following measures must be adopted:


At least 50 percent of falls I hear in social media come from instagram
even if the person doesn’t follow any instagram model, Instagram puts them without you asking for these models on your screen, it happened to me on social networks and I know it must have happened to you too

Beware of netflix, opt for other streaming services that have fewer triggers, netflix is ​​champion in triggers!
By the way , I recommend you exclude netflix and anothers movies and series with heavy triggers forever

Watch out for some news sites, know where you step, yes have serious sites of news without triggers

And on the street don’t look at women who are dressed provocatively, as this will lead you to fall hours later (as it enters your mind through your eyes and your brain will use it against you later), look away you don’t have to look for none of these triggers

So the principle of Guarding Your Eyes is when you see a trigger anywhere, whether in real or virtual life, immediately dodge the trigger and focus on details around you, breathe 10 seconds, hold the air for 10 seconds and release in 10 seconds do as many times as necessary, if it doesn’t help, take a cold shower to get you back to normal, know that this will pass, this pain is temporary and happens to everyone, especially at the beginning of the reboot, see this as a beneficial pain from surgery taking a tumor (in this case addiction)

Know that guarding your eyes is like exercising your muscles, as time goes by it becomes a habit and that with time ends up being part of you, if it is not true how you explain possible I stay for years without PMO?


It is essential to get out of addiction to put fences, and one of these fences are blockers, and there are countless ones in the app stores with prominence for Blockerx, BullDog Blocker, Safe Surfer, Pure Web and Clean Browsing (the latter does not have in the app store, only on the official Cleanbrowsing website, free of charge).
Blockers are to prevent involuntary triggers, such as those that appear when you are doing a search for work or school on google images and the triggers appear and also to block the cell phone in case you want to see it, you can also configure it for this by going to password for someone
Blockers also help against triggers on google and youtube, as some of them automatically put youtube and google in restricted mode


This thing is very direct. I don’t think I have to explain.


In order to achieve your goal, you need to understand what causes you to relapse. So, for many they are instagram, whatsapp group, without relationship, without purpose in life, boredom, these are the biggest reasons for falling.

Pay attention to what can generate boredom in you, some examples that can generate boredom are: not having contact with people, that is, not socializing, spending a lot of time on the internet aimlessly browsing haphazardly, whether marathoning series or playing, these things do not fill and generate a lot of boredom, so they should be used with balance in descending moments, I repeat again BALANCE

  1. BE BUSY

Always be busy with constructive things, work, study, build or renovate something, it is something good for the Brain and for your well being and it really fills you up


Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals, goals for life, just have goals for your brain to automatically process your ability to achieve it.
And to help you with that I recommend the counting app called Quitzilla.


This will help you to resist these urges, sexual thoughts and give you the power to focus and concentrate.


When the urge arises, go to the shower and take a cold shower.
Cold shower refresh the soul and kill the urges!
Cold shower is to the Mental health and to the whole body very beneficial .Look here:


Donate to charity, do volunteer work, forgive whoever has to forgive, fight for justice in your country, bring light to this world, KNOW that you can make difference ! KNOW that each one of you is special!
Donate sites that fight against Pmo like Rewire companion and others similar sites according to your conditions. Somehow do good always.


Of all that , I said for you : The foundation of everything is to take refuge in God, no matter religion or non-religion, know that there is something that is above you and that is part of your Essence, it is that inner Voice, of Encouragement that gives you strength in darkest hours and that always calls us, no matter how dark we find ourselves, this Voice is from our Source that calls us and fights this War together with us, without your help and without applying the tools above I would never be able to be free

I hope that the tips above can help you just as it helped me, I want to remind you that the 90 days are just the beginning of the reboot is not the end, so the importance of always having goals, even when completing 1 year, 2, 3 is not the Finally, never accommodate never ! When you reach 90 days, 180 days, 1 year, etc. etc.
The rule of Guarding Your Eyes is eternal and NEVER accommodating ,
because nobody becomes invincible after 90 days, you get stronger and stronger, but if you falter and do not guarding your eyes and live a life without goals sooner or later, you will fall.
If you fall, remember of never go back to square one, do not let a block dismantle the building you have built!
And after you rise up help others rise up too!




Read this too

And effective pratic the tips if you want Destroy pornography in your life , give up is not a option , rise now


You are nothing less than god to me right now.
you typed such a long message for. I love you brother

Thank you so much for your tips I am going to practice all your teachings :slight_smile:


Code - tvit95
counting is good to keep track of your progress but don’t reset your achievements if you relapse. rewiring is a journey

keep a journal note why you relapsed note the self-care and protection required so that you don’t relapse for the same reason next time and even if you do relapse don’t be too hard on your self it’s not the end of the world learn from your mistakes and improve so even if you do relapse it’s progress. I have started a conscious effort to quit porn this year may my goal is to quit it completely I have a goal date and ill achieve it with the least possible slips and relapse by the time I reach the goal date, similar was when I was quitting cigarette and maybe ill lose the goal date by few months or even a year or so but my conscious effort will remain
btw I haven’t smoked in 6 months and it was with 1 slip before that my conscious effort to quit goes back 2 -2.5 years maybe with many slips this is my longest streak for not smoking my longest streak for no fap is 17 days it will increase ill post my achievements thank you god bless dont hate your selfs and don’t be too hard on yourself.

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Brother today its my 314th day of nofap. After 10 years of this habit I can control. Then you also can. Don’t worry. Just keep trying. Destroy your sources like mobile instead of your life. Just use simple mobile which doesn’t have internet. You can see my post for my strategy.


Ayy bro there is nothing to worry about! At least you have realised the dark truth of porn industry! You have to be master of your own mind! Spend time with your family . They will try thier best to keep you happy. In nofap journey , you will fall many times , but that’s not the final defeat.
Meditate daily exercise daily, find your new hobby.
Why taking too much pressure! You can do it bro believe me.


Thank you so much for your advise Brother :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your motivation bro
I will not give up
I will win this war inside my mind


That’s what I wanted to hear! That’s the spirit. Never give up keep going.


This is a great tip
I am going to start maintaining a journal

Thank you so much for the hope :slight_smile:


we can invite to a discord group to help you be accountable


I am ready to join any group you say bro
please tell me how to do it?

I’m just an instrument of God here at Rewire, along with the Group Warriors who are also, we declare war on the evil empire of pornography


Whats your WhatsApp?

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Hi my WhatsApp number is

I added you get on whatsapp

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