I have problem of curved p***

My pen** is curved because of excessive masturbation and I ejaculate very early
How much period of no fap I need to do

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Usually many people aim for 90 days since that’s the time when you fully recover from many things. I’d say aim for that number. But you’ll be feeling better before you know it!
Much love!
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Mine is slightly curved too but I don’t think that nofap will make it go straight but no harm in trying the 90 day thingy… I use some oil to massage mine, try to make it a bit straighter. All the best

Bruh plss dont massage of you don’t ejaculate because this is called edging and it’s more dangerous than fapping

I can’t contact if you have any remedy then please message me here

Mine usually gets curve when I fail and relapse. Recently I was on 14 day streak and It was getting straight .
So I recommend you to go for 90 days streak ! It resolves most of the problem


Edging is when you are hard, when I massage myself, I’m not hard, it’s just loosen up the muscle to get it to be slightly straighter. Also my mindset is different when I use the oil… I dont plan to get hard or postpone my ejaculation.

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Good to know… I’ll try the 90 day too

yo guys does not fapping for long time weaken your muscles? because that happens to rest of the muscles if u dont work them out they get little weak :cold_sweat::cold_sweat: i was just thinking about this… anyone knows??

No, you just need to do simple leg raises to train those muscles.
Lower abdominale after all is what you are wanting to strengthen.

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